2016 Octber AfiA Concert

Sat., 15th October, 2016 @ Kioi Hall

Daisuke Muranaka & Orchestra AfiA

"Nature & Music" Concert Series Vol.11

Die Geburt der Tragödie

-Daisuke Muranaka conductor

-Irina Mejoueva, piano

-Orchestra AfiA

Brahms :" Tragic " Overture

Brahms: Piano Concerto No.1

Schumann: Symphony No.4


  • S:9,000 yen
  • A:8,000 yen
  • B:7,000 yen
  • Student:3,000 yen
  • General Rehearsal:5,000 yen(On the day of the concert appx. from 14 p.m.)
  • rehearsal ticket:3,000 yen(2 hours )
    *You could get the tickets from the following application form at the bottom of this page. Or you could simply call the AfiA Office(☎:080-3347-8118) from 10:00 to 17:00 except Saturday, Sunday & national holiday.

Application Form

If you apply from this App.Form, you will get a mail for the confirmation.

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